Lets start at the beginning (Not a bad place to start I guess) My name is Russ Wordie and I applied and have been selected to take part on the outward bound mentor program in partnership with DHL, so yes I do work for DHL well to be more precise I’m a Transport Manager for DHL/ Tradeteam, www.tradeteam.com My job? I’m a Transport Operations Manager at Enfield.

In a few words the Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity, they use the money to help as many young people as possible to have access to safe, adventurous experiences through which they can raise their self-esteem, realise their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible. www.outwardbound.org.uk

I was asked to Blog my experience on the mentor program, something I have never done before and being completely freaked out by the very thought of it I said yes,  so there’s something else you know about me, I do like a bit of a challenge. I’m sure that you’ll find out more about me as this blog goes on. Yep thats me below, taken on my Hols this year, tan faded now

So for those of you not acquainted with the DHL program heres what I know so far:

All DHL employees are given the chance to apply to become a mentor for the programme, application is pretty straight forward and we are informed we need to raise £500 for the trust  ( More on that later) and get your line Managers approval, yea some things easier than others approval from manager or  raise the £500, for me approval was the easy part as I had full support from My GM. The  application goes off to the DHL Foundation  www.dhlukfoundation.org and around 30 people are selected from all the applications. My story almost ended right here as I was not one of the thirty first selected, however I was informed I would be on the reserve list, I was to say at the very least extremely disappointed, But I was assured that people do drop out of the program for one reason or another, Again I tried to hide this disappointment but added ‘why would they’!

A few weeks went by and I was still kicking the tin can around the playground like a sulking child until I got the phone call one afternoon from Nicky  telling me there had been a drop out and I was in, but had to completed my CRB check pretty fast, well that could have been in the post before I put the phone down, was I pleased………….mmmmm just a bit.

Since then the CRB has come back clear lol as if it was ever in doubt …..we have our own Mentors forum and there’s a few of us volunteered to write a blog of our experiences, so here is mine and over the coming weeks I’ll try and give you my own personal insight and try not to bore you all. hopefully it will come of some use to a future mentor lol….


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  1. Tanya Cotter says:

    Hi Russ, was great meeting you today! Couldn’t resist reading your blog after our chat! Think it’s fab, looking forward to reading your future posts 🙂 xxx

    • Russ says:

      Hi Tanya, was good to meet you also and a great day, looking forward to October now. and thanks, I will update early next week with the pics from Tuesday and the challenge which I’m doing this weekend :&)

  2. Barry Pawley says:

    Hi Russ just read the blog good stuff how are the blisters after the walk,I see we where both on the reserve list to be mentors cant wait now will keep looking in see you soon

    • Russ says:

      Hi Barry, thanks, been off line for a few days so going to add the three peaks stuff this week, really looking forward to the week

  3. gify says:

    The article you wrote is very nice.

  4. e-book says:

    This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

  5. Adnan Hussain says:

    RUSS!! Hey it’s Adnan from team scott, Had a great time at aberdovey with you man, wish we could go again, when you told us about your blog i couldn’t wait to get home and reply to your blog and see the pictures, upload them soon if you haven’t already, Give my thanks to Matt for being such a great mentor and a beast of a man (that means he’s amazing at what he does :D)
    Hope i get to see you next year, that is if we go next year.

    All the best for the future

    • Russ says:

      Hey Fella, Thanks, I’m really pleased that you enjoyed your time, I’m in the middle of writing up about our adventures and will post the photos at the same time. I hope you took something away from your time with us, take good care mate, feel free to follow the blog as I post stuff, there’s also a few photos on Facebook.

    • Never being called a beast before..!

      It was a great week and all you guys/gals made it so. Russ, you were an awesome mentor and and a great person to have around.

      • Russ says:

        Lol……i’m guessing its a mark of approval.

        Thanks again Matt for making it a great week, the trek was fantastic and the kids got a lot from it I think. You made my experience as a mentor because of the free rein you gave me, What a great job you have and do, I’m sure we will meet again some day.

  6. Joanna Sproat says:

    Hi Russ… thought I’d give the blog a read. Even though I was there it’s great to hear how others felt about the experience… Look forward to next chapter xx

    • Russ says:

      Hey Jo, thanks,hoping the next chapter coming soon, it’s taking its time but hopefully will be worth it, just so much to write about xx

  7. Gemma HIcks says:

    Hi Russ, just been reading your blog, wish I had done one now, I can honestly say the past week was a truly amazing experience, the kids were great, all the mentors were great and I’m glad I got to meet you, well done on such a challenging week and for writing an awesome blog, I’m feeling just as emotional as I did when we did our presentation!! Gemma Xxxx

    • Russ says:

      Thanks Gemma, the blog has been great fun to write, kinda thinking I have gone a bit OTT for what was asked for but hey, I’ve enjoyed it, I’m just in the middle of writing up the week we had, keep stopping to laugh at bits and I’m sure I’ll feel the same way as I did when it comes to writing about Friday, and when I write our words from the presentation…xx

  8. Than you for sharing, This article was really good.

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