Meet the Mentors

Well the long-awaited day had arrived 6th September 2011, where we all meet each other for the first time and our training session in Daventry. I walked into the training room greeted By Nicky, funny I felt quite nervous, then as I looked around at the table everyone else look just how I felt. Grabbing a brew and a seat it wasn’t long before the Ice breakers came along, ” so where do you work’ in no time we were all taking and the excitement grew, talk turned to the residential week.

We was soon into a couple of presentations from DHL trust, then the attention turn to Howard the senior instructor for the Outward bound Trust, a whistle stop power point from him then he announced it time to go outside, once again nobody really knowing what was about to happen.

The activities start with a couple of games to help us get to know each others names which were great fun and really helped the group start to come together by the time we was done the objective was complete, yes we all knew each other on first name terms. after lunch it was back out for more team games.

How to get the whole group of people through a small inner tube in the quickest time!

Howard ask's Can you get your team through this in under 31 seconds?

Over the Top

Up and Over

Great fun and yes of course we beat the time.

This was followed by the pipe line, each was give a short length of gutter and in a team had to get a rolling golf ball from point A to point B (in a bucket), by now the team was in good form, ‘a piece of cake’! yea right, it took a few attempts but again we cheered in our victory

Looking good!

Are you ready?

Where's the bucket?

So by now we all knew each other and nothing could stop us, or could it? the next challenge was all about getting across the ‘ river’ on blocks, yea that’s easy…..15 of us and 13 blocks, not so easy now, and by the way if you not touching a block it gets taken…… so after a lengthy ‘how we going to do this’  and a lot of test runs, we set off, 15 adults from all walks of life balancing on wooden blocks no bigger that a house brick and don’t forget there was only 13 between 15 of us.

With a lot of laughing and some very close contact we all eventually got across before the sunset. last tester of the day was to erect a tent, two teams, two tents, no instructions

Job done and the end of a great day, from walking into a room nervous and filled with anticipation to now having 14 new friends. so looking forward to spending the week away.

Class of 17th October

Class Of 17th October 2011


About Russ

Hi I'm Russ Wordie, my blog site is mentorsmemoirs,this is about my time as and leading up to a weeks course as a Mentor on the outward bound project 2011, what made me do it and what I have done over the past year.
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