A week in Wales Part Three


And so waking up after a few hours gonk, it was put the kettle on for the last time and head out to our balcony for a brew and chat, as Barry and I had done most mornings.

Where's the brew then? Barry and Spencer

Today was different, not just because of the over indulgence of reading or the late night, it felt somewhat sad that our week was coming to an end, we knew that it would be emotional and did not need to speak about it. It was down the cook-house for scran and as we all started to gather around the table the hung heads and bleary eyes said it all, what a great night we’d had. After breakfast we met up with our groups for a final session before presentations, for Scott Team it was finishing up the de kit, clean and polish their boots before handing them back in.

What spit and polish Russ?

we was in the dinning hall for 10:00 as the first group to present. as we waited outside a few of us spoke and already there had been tears from the kids  as they had to leave today.

We watched all our teams present, what a fantastic job they had done, it was great to hear some of the things they had said, the most memorable one for me was one of my young lads, one of the more outgoing ones, this is what he said ” when I came to outward bound I had no fears, iI was not scared of anyone or anything, now I know how wrong I was, and I hid behind myself.  I have faced this now and I am a better person”  Yes this did bring a lump in my throat and a tear to my eye, even writing this now I feel the same emotion, one of the things I wrote on my application was if I could help change the view on one life I’d be happy, hopefully this young lad has gained something now.

And so to our presentation, This was in a sort of poem or Limerick, each of us wrote our own verse, I was going to just write my verse, but I’m sure the others won’t mind me writing theirs too:

Spencer :

150 kids arrived on Monday, Mentors eagerly anticipating since Sunday,

They get of the bus making a fuss , and a jog and dip sets them on their way


Climbing the wall to the sound of “I might fall”

But pulling together to work as a team, they achieve and end up having a ball


Learning to listen with their ears, teaches them to overcome their fears

This limerick was written in the library over beers !!

Tanya: ( You tugged on the heart-strings with this one)

Overcoming fears and gaining trust, walking together was a must,

So proud of the progress made by our team we’ll never forget all that we’ve seen

Young minds and hearts through our time, found memories of OB will always be mine


We’ve been he for 5 days and we are amazed the change 10 kids can make

we’ll go home today and come what may we’ll think of a way to treat all kids the same way.

followed by some  thank-you’s to Nicky, Howard and the kids

Scott team now headed for their common room for a few final words from Matt and to be presented with their certificates.

Team Scott They came They saw They Conquered

All that was left was a few hugs and kisses and the end of our week, the buses came and the kids went, a quick photo of the team mentor 2011 week two and we departed.

The motley Crew of Week two

I was going to make this the last post but I think there is a few things to add and its only right It has its own post. so one more to go.


About Russ

Hi I'm Russ Wordie, my blog site is mentorsmemoirs,this is about my time as and leading up to a weeks course as a Mentor on the outward bound project 2011, what made me do it and what I have done over the past year.
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3 Responses to A week in Wales Part Three

  1. docksider says:

    First opportunity, ever, to see these OB activity weeks from the participants’ view. Heard and seen many accounts of expeds. over the years, but reading your blog, Russ, has been a privilege. Thanks to team Scott and to you for bringing the adventure experience alive. Good Luck to the youngsters who faced this challenge, and hope all your supporters gain a glimmer of how worthwhile these missions can change attitudes.

    • Russ says:

      Thank you, it has been great fun to write and kind of sad now its done. your comments have been well received and I glad I have been able to show you another side.

  2. Tanya Cotter says:

    Good job Russ, so nice to reminisce!! 🙂 xxx

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